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These women body statues as high end artworks are all produced by famous contemporary sculptors,which beyond the concept of general artworks.
The whole decorative copper sculptures design shows heroic spirit and looks aristocratic,it with not only the spirit of chinese traditional culture,but also modern sense.
The design of these gallant horse sculptures absorbed the advantages of classical horse arts in Qin,Han and Tang Dynasty
The gallant horse scuptures is one of the best classical parts of chinese traditional images.
gold contents in the golden parts,each decorative horse sculptures is paid especial attention
The healthy,splendid and manliness image of diamond horse statues brilliantly presented the excellent  features of our nation.
The right diamond cutting elephant statues with modern sense and dissymmetric structure bring us much vitality.
The regular and simple realistic ceramic statues are what we like,but the diamond statues with unlimited imaginable space
The whold body of the decorative statues are composed of the diamond pieces with different sizes,which form the various shapes of animals.
The main feature of the art statues with diamond pieces is lovely and vividly
The decorative statuess with diamond conception is a new trend of art.
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