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The design idea of golf vase comes from the Mars surface,light and shadow is always full of mystery,which bring us mystery of the Mars and unlimited imagine.  
The rimmed vase just like a stone mountain,with the days goes by,more and more lines leave on the surface.
Our new running water vase collection comes in several shapes and colors. Group together vases of varying heights for a dramatic display.
The feature of deconstructing ceramic is "unsteady",creative asymmetric construction,it is my superiority which need to think about balance of gravity.
Hand-made texture vase, natural and environmental. Put it on the table, as a valuable piece of artwork, makes people feel loving and relaxed.
The new ripple line vase like wave in the sea, it has the power and direction of "line", and interest and function of "plane"
These looks like jumping music symbol, the vigour line is just like moving quicksand, so natural and beautiful, the room will be dynamic with this decoration.
The shape looks like the paper-bag,natural and environmental. The wrinkle ceramic vase is as a valuable artwork,makes people feel loving and relax.
Decoration of Baroque style return to our sight after several decays. It is the representative of luxurious deco, it break the severe quiet of classical and form romantic curve and line.
The folded paper vases are designedto hold whatever flower, whether they betulips or fresh-picked seasonal flower, sosome good advice--put a flower shop inour vase, both for decorations and youwell-being
Strong lines and multi-angles space is the main character of this diamond vase.It make good use of the truth of the cutting diamond,which become different space.
The vase's mouth open in a flower shape, you can choose any size for inserting flowers, which will bring you an eye-catching space.The shape and texture is individual, simple and gentle.
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